Do you ever wonder if you’re a good kisser?

James Blake - Limit To Your Love
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James Blake - Limit To Your Love

There’s a limit to your love
Like a waterfall in slow motion
Like a map with no ocean.

I’ll buy you one babe. What one do you want?

PARKER NO you dont have to buy me oneee ahh

I agree with the other anon & you'll probably just take this as yet another compliment from a stranger on the Internet but theres pretty people, theres beautiful peopl and then theres you waaaaayyy off in another world way more gorgeous than the rest

aKbjhnkmlmd y’all are being really nice today like wow 

Thank you! ^.^

Same anon here, How have you never been called hot! :o your a downright babe haha! Your selfies are the best part of my dash!

Oh my gosh…someone thinks im a babe. 

and hey thankssss

I   W A N T   A   B E A N I E  


Instead of studying, I made Red Vs Blue themed make up palettes…



mmedemerteuil's Dovahkiin, Lysilwe. Thank you so much for commissioning me!

Thank you for this. She looks just amazing!


im not even a 2nd choice anymore, im like a 193847271th choice 



Person: Do you like Ryan Haywood?

Me: *sweats nervously* A bit


Can we get our daily selfie? I know thats not really a thing but you should make it a thing, my dash could do with more of your pretty face! (Like for reals u so fineeeee and pretttty and hot, god damn gurl!)

I- I’ve never been called hot before… I’ll take it yeahhh. and I miiiiight post a selfie today we’ll see. oh and thank youuuuuuuuu<3